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Since the late 1980's Chuck Hartman, "Mister Chuck" has written and performed music for children.  He has produced many works for children throughout the years, but his December 2020 release of "I'm Thankful for You" is his first internationally released album.  Since its conception in 2018, Chuck leads music three mornings a week with the Up River preschool.  "The children at the preschool inspire many of my songs with their thoughts, questions, and whimsy.  The children teach me so much about creativity.  I have great respect for children and childhood.  In fact, that's how this journey as a content creator for children began.  I was preparing to teach a lesson to a group of children using a generic curriculum.  As  I prepared the lesson, I felt the songs and examples provided by the curriculum did not respect children nor did its creators grasp the complexities of childhood; hence, the creative wheels inside me began to turn, and have been ever since." 

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