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On the Mister Chuck YouTube Channel, seven Mister Chuck's Workshop episodes are viewable.

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Click the icons to watch the episode.

Click the icon to the left to watch all seven episodes.

In addition, on our YouTube Channel, Mister Chuck invites children, along with their 'special adult,' to sings-a-long with him as he sings songs that promote educational and social-emotional advancement.  Many of these songs are also available on our podcast, "Sing with Mister Chuck."

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Mister Chuck also explores creativity through crafts and arts and helps children master feelings through mindfulness practices.  Many of our mindfulness exercises are also available on the "Mindfulness with Mister Chuck" podcast.


We are pleased to announce that our human rights video, “Know Your Rights, Your Basic Human Rights” won a 2022 silver MUSE Creative Award in the Children’s Video category and a 2022 bronze Telly Award in the General-Non-Broadcast / Children's Video category.  

Here on our website, free downloadable handouts are available.  These handouts include step-by-step instructions to many of our crafting videos, lyrics to our sing-a-long videos and podcast, and transcripts to our mindfulness videos and podcast. Equipping children with tools to grow kinder, smarter, and stronger is the mission of Mister Chuck.

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